Wednesday, May 06, 2009


Sunday afternoon, I could still sense the smell of the land as there was hard rain an hour before. I met the warm family of the Suryadarmas to have a family photo session.

Agnes, one of the Suryadarmas and my old friend, contacted me by email that she headed to go back to Jakarta from Cambridge to attend her brother in law's wedding. She asked me to have a session for the family a few days after the wedding day. I said to her that Sunday afternoon would be great. Seems I'm correct as the Suryadarmas warmed the gray afternoon.

Martin, Agnes, and the newlyweds.

Audrey, beautiful daughter of Martin and Agnes was the star of the afternoon.

I think she enjoyed of being "one day model".

Look how she acted in front of my lens.

Ups, I was wrong. Audrey's parents enjoyed being photographed as well. Now I could track how Audrey got the root.

So glad to know you all, friends. I relished all the session long.



It was an hour pre-wedding photo session with this humble but caring couple. As the time was limited, I tried to make simple concept but, hopefully, deep.

Quick shoot on abandoned rail tunnel.

Modest pose but meaningful.

Tried to catch the light that soon would be gone. Done in a hurry but I got the moment.

Can't wait for your D-day soon, guys.