Friday, November 06, 2009


Another update, guys!

I took photo series of the wedding of Riando with Sasha in Cibubur, East Jakarta.

My partner, Reinhard, captured the wedding rings beautifully.

Heavy metal groom.

It was a cool reception. Some fire lights guided guests along the way to the reception building.

Padangnese dances opened the party.

Blessed marriage wishes to both of you.


Thursday, October 08, 2009


Name all things you desire in your wedding day. I got them all in Stephan and Auzie's day.

I traveled to Roemah Bogor, an old colonial style house in "Rain City" Bogor, West Java, to get best pictures of Stephan and Auzie. I still remember a warm night between hot August days, Auzie called me from Delft to ask me to photograph her wed. And here, the day has come.

Stephan, her sister and her brother in law look nice in this kind of Indonesian traditional suits.

Our new rings!!!

Altough live in The Hague, they yet have to use Indonesian traditional way of "sungkeman":p

Auzie has root of Balinese from her father side. It made the wedding day was so colorful with Balinese ambiance and mood.

Old and young generation of Balineses of the day.

Stephan with his new father in law. Yes, one chat or two, I get your daughter..

I said before that Bogor is well-known as "rain city". No wonder rain hit the old town hardly in the evening. Thank God, the party went well. Even wilder..

Counting your blessings in your happy marriage life, friends..


Wednesday, May 06, 2009


Sunday afternoon, I could still sense the smell of the land as there was hard rain an hour before. I met the warm family of the Suryadarmas to have a family photo session.

Agnes, one of the Suryadarmas and my old friend, contacted me by email that she headed to go back to Jakarta from Cambridge to attend her brother in law's wedding. She asked me to have a session for the family a few days after the wedding day. I said to her that Sunday afternoon would be great. Seems I'm correct as the Suryadarmas warmed the gray afternoon.

Martin, Agnes, and the newlyweds.

Audrey, beautiful daughter of Martin and Agnes was the star of the afternoon.

I think she enjoyed of being "one day model".

Look how she acted in front of my lens.

Ups, I was wrong. Audrey's parents enjoyed being photographed as well. Now I could track how Audrey got the root.

So glad to know you all, friends. I relished all the session long.